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Find your authentic self.

Humans have always tried to decide — the heart or the head? What to listen to? In trying to make a good life on this Earth, humans are oftentimes forced to leave the heart behind and follow the head. From my experiences, however, I have learnt that it is when the heart leads by the Why and the head follows with the How that a fulfilled, content and joyful life unfolds. That is — the Authentic Self - Swaroopa (Swa — One's own, Roopa — form), with the heart leading and the head following!

Swaroopa's role

I use my intuition, insights, knowledge and wisdom to declutter or bring clarity to your mind as well as the energy of your situation. You'll get a chart analysis, using my intuition, deep research and insights with the grace from my personal Gods (Lalitha Tripurasundari) and ascended Masters.

I offer many different sidereal astrology reports: