Why am I starting my website?

Namaste! Hope many of you may be knowing me as a blogger as well as someone who answers questions on Quora. My Swaroopa blog was as a result of an epiphany that bubbled up within me after some five years of deep contemplation. This was in early 2017. In 2018, my intuition asked me to start answering on Quora. Before that I didn't even know such a platform existed. I was led to it by an answer that came up while I was searching on Google.

Last one year of answering Quora questions, I am being led to the truth that many people are suffering due to being lost in life. We feel lost in life if we move very far away from our own true purpose-Dharma. Each one of us has come to this Earth plane to have experiences and learn lessons through our own Dharma. Any time we do something that is totally away from our own purpose, our heart starts to nibble at our core. The further away we move, the more the nibbling. Taking actions against our heart leads to us losing our Soul, one piece at a time. Soon, we find ourselves totally lost in our own life.

To be powerfully grounded and situated in our own life, we need to know our purpose. So, now my intuition is asking me to share my spiritual gifts more with the world. So, I am opening up my gifts to the world to guide people towards their own true purpose. I know Vedic Astrology. So, I am able to analyze a person's Vedic horoscope and give them guidance to capture their own true Dharma. Anyone who pursues their Dharma is blessed by the Universe with all kinds of blessings, whether it is family or wealth.

What can you expect?

A five-page report with the first two pages giving the charts and the last three pages tailored towards the analysis of the person's Dharma. What should the person do in life? What can bring them prosperity and fulfillment in life? This would be the main theme of the report, as a PDF file. Then according to the small write-up, I need to ask from each person, I would tailor it to the objectives the person is desiring. A chart I write after 4-5 hours of analysis, intuition, deep research and my own insights when I look at a chart. As I invoke the grace of my own personal Gods, I am shown always what I need to see. Like this I have helped a lot of my family as well as friends.

Now, the general public can use my service (currently only one) if they wish to take advantage of it. According to the queries, I can later always decide to include more readings such as Skype or phone readings. As of now, I want to start with one report and see how it develops. So, this is my newest venture towards fulfilling my own Dharma of guiding and mentoring people. May the Mother Goddess (Lalitha Tripurasundari) lead me and my venture to its greatest good towards the upliftment of the society and world!